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Top Tec ATF 1600

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Top Tec ATF 1600

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Fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid, developed for exclusive use in 1st generation Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission (up to June 2010) and also compatible with various older Mercedes-Benz 5-speed automatic transmission requirements. Improved formula for sustained transmission life and maximum transmission shift performance. The fluid is a red color.

For Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions where a ATF fluid meeting current product specifications is required or recommended. Observe the manufacturers instructions! 


    • excellent wear resistance
    • excellent resistance to aging
    • excellent corrosion protection
    • outstanding resistance to oxidation
    • outstanding friction characteristics
    • prevents foam formation
    • for eliminating shifting problems
    • excellent viscosity/temperature properties
    • very good low-temperature properties


Observe the manufacturers instructions!Optimum efficiency and product performance is only possible when the product is used undiluted.


MB-Approval 236.14

LIQUI MOLY recommends this product for vehicles with the following specifications

MB 236.12