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Brake Anti-Squeal Paste Autolube Group

Brake Anti-Squeal Paste

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Brake Anti-Squeal Paste

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A synthetic based specialty with a solid agent to prevent and eliminate noise from brake pads. It is extremely adhesive and high temperature resistant, it resists road salt and water wash-out. With excellent corrosion protection and particularly suited for use with aluminum and magnesium materials as well as on vehicles with ABS/ESP systems. Application range -40 °C to +1200 °C (-104 °F to +2.192 °F).

 Suitable for use in most common disk brake systems. Must never be applied to the friction surface of the brake disc / brake pads.

    • outstandingly adherent
    • eliminates squeaks
    • extremely low friction
    • good corrosion protection
    • outstanding thermal stability
    • easy to use
    • resistant to road salt and splash water
    • ideally suited as a separating paste


Clean the surfaces thoroughly before use and then apply to the back of the brake pad and to the contact surfaces and fasteners. Do not apply on friction surfaces!