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Leather Care 250ml

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Leather Care

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A mix of carefully selected ingredients natural and synthetic, prevent smooth leather from becoming brittle with age. Leather Care cleans as well as preserves by adding a silky protective layer on new or used leather. Excellent leather care lotion for auto, motorcycle gear and furniture. Smooth leather regains elasticity and softness when treated. Formulated with a mixture of waxes and other carefully selected care products.

Specifically developed for maintaining automotive leather upholstery but may be used to treat smooth leather in other areas such as motorcycle gear and furniture, hand bags, luggage or clothing. Not suitable for suede.


  • keeps leather supple
  • excellent long-term protection
  • protects leather components from cracking


If necessary, first clean the leather surface to be treated and let dry. Shake bottle before use. Use a soft cloth and while using circular motion and light pressure apply an even, thin layer to leather. Briefly leave on leather surface then polish with a clean cloth. For optimum care and appearance apply regularly.