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Liqui Moly Top Tec 6200 SAE 0W-20

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Liqui Moly Top Tec 6200 SAE 0W-20

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Fully synthetic superior low friction motor oil. Specifically developed for the high requirements of select Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. The low viscosity ensures excellent cold start behavior, improves engine efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. The innovative additive technology ensures excellent protection against wear, superb engine cleanness and greater oxidation stability. Use with extended oil change intervals as per manufacturer

For gasoline or diesel engines where a motor oil according to current specifications is required or recommended. Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbochargers. Observe the manufacturers instructions! Not backwards compatible.
    • excellent wear resistance
    • increases operational reliability
    • excellent cold-start behavior
    • outstanding resistance to oxidation
    • highest fuel economy
    • ideal with turbochargers and catalytic converters
    • shortens the start time
    • optimum protection when using E10 fuel


Observe the manufacturers instructions!


ACEA C5, Ford WSS-M2C 956-A1, Porsche C20, VW 508 00, VW 509 00