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Multi-disc Clutch Oil

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Multi-disc Clutch Oil

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High performance gear oil specially developed for Haldex all-wheel drive, Quattro and 4motion drives. Provides excellent viscosity and shear stability as well as outstanding friction coefficient under all operating conditions. Protects reliably against wear, foaming and corrosion. Ensures optimum power transmission on all-wheel drive vehicles.


For all-wheel drive systems with Haldex coupling where a fluid according to current specifications is required or recommended to use. Observe the manufacturers instructions!


    • excellent wear resistance
    • excellent shear stability
    • outstanding corrosion protection
    • extremely high viscosity index
    • optimum friction coefficient under all operating conditions
    • reliable protection against foaming


Observe the manufacturers instructions!
LIQUI MOLY recommends this product for vehicles with the following specifications

GM, Opel, Volvo, VW G 052 175 (TL 52175), VW G 055 175 (TL 52175-X), VW G 060 175 (TL 52175-Y)