Pro-Line Diesel System Cleaner 500 ml

Pro-Line Diesel System Cleaner 500 ml

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Pro-Line Diesel System Cleaner

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An effective mixture of additives used to clean and maintain the fuel system of Diesel engines. Cleans injectors and the combustion chamber, restores proper fuel atomization and improves engine efficiency. Suitable for use as problem solver and for preventive maintenance.

 Suitable for use in all diesel engines, with or without turbochargers. Safe for use with catalytic converters and particulate filters (DPF). Contents (500 ml) is sufficient for 25-80 Liters (7 gal. to 21 gal.) fuel. Preventive application: Add to the fuel at every inspection. Problem solver: Add to fuel to cure acute engine problems.

    • increases operational reliability
    • suitable for all diesel engines, including common rail and pumped-jet
    • guarantees optimum combustion
    • highly economical
    • cost-effective repairs
    • reduces pollutant emissions
    • improved ignition
    • keeps injection nozzles clean


Fill directly into the fuel tank. For preventive use at every inspection / once a year, for existing fuel system problems and after fuel system repairs. The product mixes automatically with the fuel and can therefore be added at any time. One full Can (500 ml) used with 25 - 70 liters (7 - 18 gallons) of fuel.